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Commercial size haynets , (approx 10 kilo feed size )

Perfect for the horses that only need 1 net per night .

Horse hay/haylage nets. We have found we never seen to get what we want,

they are never quite big enough except for the holes which are normally too big.

We have now designed a net that

is halfway between a hay and haylage net. The standard hole size for a haynet is usually

4.5 to 5 inches, so we have made a net with 1.5 "to 2." inch holes, which allows the horse

to eat normally without gorging itself.

This is a serious haynet, length 4 ft or 5ft , diameter 38". It is made of webbing that is

much thicker than normal and is built with a metal ring at the bottom and sliding

metal rings at the top.