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All our rope halter designs are based on the most respected trainers in the world ,see videos on u tube ,down to the rope size and fit, the drawing picture is how it should look on a horse, , it needs to fit like a glove for maximum sensitivity and control while training . On our big sizes we have a padded free nose band to give them more comfort while training and tying up. We also have designed a rope for pulling dogs using the same principle , we sell more training rope products than any other company and have 10 years experience in this alone .

Please note the bound nose halter only comes in full size .

This is our new first again 2 in one 'be seen at night'horse PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP ROPE HEAD COLLAR.+ lead rope.

Constructed of 3 strands of very pliable . night vision rope, covered with a braided sheath

Soft, padded and very comfortable to use and non slip, more comfort for all, with added safety

This new design halter has a forward position for the rope which gives maximum turning control .You will never go back to normal head collars they are just so good

This lower rope position on the nose helps with strong 'pulley' horses and puts pressure where it is needed TO GIVE YOU FULL CONTROL