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Primarily a ride-on rug but also can be used as a normal field rug. ** Ideal for sweet itch sufferers * Generally more comfort for the horse, less irritation from flies * It will connect straight to the top of the bridle to keep the neck high *& It will also connect to both our riding fly masks and field fly masks * Underbody belly panel to keep rug stable, also cut out for rider's legs

The rest of the specification is the same as our normal field fly rug as below

Benefits - as we sell direct, our prices are a fraction of what you would expect to pay for normal retail, coupled with the latest technology and design. **This is our horse fly rug complete neck combo for riding. These rugs are** extra deep** cut to give maximum coverage ,they have an extra fine **Rip stop mesh** to prevent against most things .They come complete with **under belly panel to maximise rug coverage nothing gets past this rug easily, with** elasticated straps** which will flex with the horse , **cotton lined NECK** to allow ease of movement and to help against rubbing.they have **extra long neck ** to allow for normal stretching, covers up to nearly the ears. It incorporates an **elasticated velcro strap,** which will** attach to a head collar **or one of our matching fly or riding masks. ** Like all of our rugs, these have forward cut gussets to allow full movement ** Colour: denim blue ** Do you need a fly mask or riding mask? It comes free of postage when you buy one of our fly rugs.